RiFF RAFF is significantly broadening his horizons in 2015. While the world once knew him simply as a rapper, JODY now has plans to join the WWE as Hulk Hogan's tag team partner... but that's not all. As of today, RiFF will also be hosting a prom date service.

The concept is all in the title. For $28,000, Mr. HiGHROLLER will take you to your prom in his Lamborghini, and even put you up in a penthouse suite, with only one condition (besides the, you know, 30 grand) -- you must be 18 years of age.

The generous man that he is, JODY will also promote your date on social media for 7 days prior to the big day. For all interested in taking RiFF up on his offer, simply hit up his booking agency, whose info (as well as the official rules) can be found in the Instagram post below.