Rihanna and PUMA have a nice business-ship that has definitely put a lot of money in both of their bank accounts. Together they've dropped at least two collections, with all the season's necessities but if one person's not feeling it, it's Freedom United Clothing who's suing both parties for trademark issues. According to TMZ, the clothing company claims in a new lawsuit that they own the trademark FU that was marked on the apparel, most notably the slides as seen below. 

The documents note how FU has been using the logo since 2006 and claim Rihanna was well aware of that since she was photographed in one of their hoodies in 2014 and are even dragging her ex, Chris Brown, into it saying he attended their fashion show when they were dating back in 2007.

The company fired off a cease and desist letter telling PUMA and Riri to back off. Both parties being sued have yet to respond.