Rihanna's recent Instagram Live session has given us a couple of updates on the singer. First, we now know how much of a fan she is of Burna Boy, specifically his hit "Ye." In a clip from her Live session, Rihanna had no shame in calling her security guard out for not playing the selected song right when she asked. When the track finally aired, the "Umbrella" singer was all kinds of happy. 

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The second bit of information we've received from her video is that Rihanna would love to hit up the studio with The Dream. In the clip below, it seems as though the producer jumped into her Live session and Rihanna took notice. "Miss you bro, we definitely need to get back in the studio together so let me know when you done designing and being all...." she said in the clip. 

Rihanna quickly paused and caught herself, realizing that she was saying a statement that many people have said to her considering how busy she's been with designing her fashion empire and not putting out her new album that everyone's desperately waiting for. "Oh wow, yeah. That was a puddle. That was the pot calling the kettle black," she admitted.