Footage from the Bahamas and aerial shots of the islands show the devastating extent to which they have been ravaged by Hurricane Dorian. The Hurricane reached a Category 5 peak when it hit on Sunday. It caused such widespread damage because it remained in the same region for nearly 24 hours. Currently, the death toll rests at five, and countless homes and buildings have been destroyed. Bahamian government officials, relief organizations and other countries are in the midst of deciding how best to respond to this disaster. In the meantime, many turn to the power of prayer, hoping safety is ensured for those affected. 

Hurricane Dorian has slowed down significantly - being demoted to Category 2 - as it makes its way towards the Southeast of the United States. Parts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina are being evacuated. It cannot be known with certainty which areas the hurricane will hit, but we pray that people are as prepared as they can be and that fast relief efforts will be put in action. 

Many celebrities have shared on social media that their thoughts are with the people of the Bahamas right now. Rihanna said that her nonprofit organization that she founded in 2012, the Clara Lionel Foundation, is working on ways to help.