Two of music's most viral personalities collide in a new interview with GQ Style: Crop Over queen Rihanna and newfound Internet meme Diplo.

The DJ/producer, who's one of the members that make up Major Lazer, recently recounted a story whereby Rihanna turned him down in a rather harsh way when he suggested they'd be a perfect musical match for a collaboration. "I played her 'Lean On.' She was like, 'I don't do house music'," explained Diplo. "I face-palmed so hard on that one. Another time I had a session with her, and Future was also invited. The Weeknd was there. Metro Boomin was there before anybody knew who he was. [...] Future played her, like, 700 songs [...] Finally, I was like, 'Yo, G, I'm leaving unless you let me play her a song.' So I played her a song. And she was like, 'This sounds like a reggae song at an airport'." 

When asked if he thinks he'll ever her Rihanna to guest on one of his records, Diplo's response was a confident one. "I think before we're all done, she'll be on a song of ours. Hopefully. But if not, I don't really care," he said. Though it must hurt to be turned down by one of the biggest names in the biz, Diplo's also doing just fine for himself regardless. Speaking of fine, that's one of the words the Internet used to describe Rihanna's Crop Over outfit this year - if you haven't yet, you must check it out.