It is widely known that Rihanna is a fan of Bravo's Real Housewives series, and she recently gave a nod to the New York franchise. Like millions of others, Rihanna has a soft spot for reality television, and as the singer has been spotted enjoying time with her beau ASAP Rocky, she has apparently been keeping tabs on what's going on with the cast of rich housewives and divorcees. 

On a recent episode of the Real Housewives of New York, Leah McSweeney, the founder of the famed Married to the Mob streetwear brand, argued with fellow cast member Ramona Singer. In a scene, Singer snubs Leah and her company, insinuating that she wouldn't wear the Mob brand. "You're not exactly my demographic," McSweeney retorts. "It's all good. I have Rihanna wearing my sh*t, do you think I need you wearing my sh*t?"

The moment caught Rihanna's attention and although she has quite the busy schedule hopefully finishing up that album, the singer took a moment to give Leah a nod. Rihanna not only reposted a clip of the scene, but she also posed in Married to the Mob's "B*tch Mob" t-shirt while giving her best mean mug.

"What was said @ramonasinger ? [crying laughing emoji] #RHONY," she wrote in the caption. Leah did a bit of reposting and added that Ri is a "woman who supports women." Check it out below.