Update: A source close to the sitaution has revealed to HotNewHipHop that Rihanna's seeming disaproval of Jay-Z's recent move with the NFL was merely an inadvertent social media blunder.

"Rihanna didn't like it," the sources clarifies. "It was a member of her social media team that accidentally liked that picture."

They add that the photo in question was not liked for more than three minutes and once it was brought to the team's attention, the red heart was removed.

Original Story:

Jay-Z's move to work with the NFL came as a shock to many, although after further digestion, it actually made complete sense. Whether you agree with Jay or not, we already know that he's about making big business plays which sometimes come with a bit of disruption. With Kaep still without a job, Hov caught a serious amount of flack for working with the NFL, especially since the partnership with the league is meant to enhance social justice causes. We've heard from Eric Reid, Nessa, and Jemele Hill but we've yet to hear from anyone close to Jay. However, we might have an indication of where one of his protege's stands on the matter.

A picture speaks a thousand words but in the social media era, a simple like can hold just as much weight. Social activist Shaun King went on Instagram to share his thoughts on Hov's new deal with the NFL. He essentially put Hov on blast for essentially assisting the NFL in further blackballing Kaepernick. But what occurred after the post was more revealing. Rihanna inconspicuously liked the post but it didn't take long for people to catch on. It might not necessarily indicate her feelings towards Hov's deal with the NFL, it definitely speaks towards where she stands with Kaep who she's been incredibly supportive of over the years.