Yesterday, Chris Brown seemed a little flushed after Rihanna decided to promote her brand with a photo of her rocking some lingerie. The reaction wasn't exclusive to Breezy though as Meek Mill also voiced his approval for the shots. Of course, Chris and Rihanna have a complicated history. Much of the reason why folks refuse to support Brown's career has to do with the controversy he was embroiled in during his romantic relationship with the pop star. He has since spoken about the issue, but his critics maintain their position. When he commented on the image of Rih posing in her undies, the "Unfaithful" singer's fans weren't too pleased and they voiced their opinions.

Her supporters refer to themselves as the "Navy" and they fought back with the force of one, hammering down on Breezy for daring to enter the comments section. Some responded by calling him a "psycho" while others defended their queen, warning him to "stay away from RiRi." 

This reaction is to be expected at this point. Since their public split, Rihanna's fans have been extremely anti-Chris Brown and they've never been shy to talk back to him. The two have been friends for over a decade with their public spat ruining Chris' public image. He's been working to renew people's faith in him but it all keeps circling back to that one incident.