As long as she decides to stay in the spotlight, Rihanna will always be a hot topic. It doesn't matter if she's releasing new music, dropping a make-up line, or doing literally nothing at all, Rihanna is a dream girl for many men and women around the world. The superstar is currently working on her next album, letting some close friends listen to it during a recent studio session, but while we wait for that to arrive, she continues to impress us with the most stunning shots to promote her various lines.

She's currently pushing a new product in her Fenty Beauty range and, as usual, she's doing it with a bunch of photos. Yesterday, RiRi prepared us all with a picture of herself standing against the wall, looking like a golden statue. That wasn't all she was selling us though. Later on, she posted a video to her official page with Slick Woods and other models, rocking the new "Trophy Wife" body lava. Finally, the third shot was of the artist showing off her legs, laying down in a gold dress and stretching out her body length-wise. 

Rihanna is looking as good as she ever has. Her Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty promotions are working like a gem, allowing the pop star to grow her business opportunities and reach new heights in her career.