It looks like Rihanna has returned home for some family time, as evidenced by a recent Instagram post. The prolific singer shared a look at her familial dynamic, posted up alongside mom and dad with smiles all around. On the surface, a feel good moment to be sure. Yet fans are well aware of her tumultuous relationship with her father Ronald, whom she previously spoke about during an emotional interview with Oprah Winfrey. For some context, Rihanna revealed that "repairing her relationship with her dad" helped give her clarity, thus helping her find forgiveness for Chris Brown

"I was so angry at him," says a tearful Rihanna, before saying "I witnessed a lot as a child in my household." When Oprah asks whether or not her father was violent, Rihanna confirms that he was. Still, she eventually came to realize that her father "was one of the best fathers in the world," who played a pivotal role in teaching her "everything." Despite everything, Rihanna managed to make peace with her father, despite remaining vocal about the occasionally troubled family dynamic.

Now, it would appear that things are on the med for all parties. In Rihanna's photo, she rocks a glowing smile mirrored by all parties. The caption, simply titled "home" is powerful unto itself.