Cardi B has been embroiled in her fair share of beefs this year, mainly feuding with Nicki Minaj over who is the rightful owner of the top spot in the female rap world. Cardi has taken over everything in 2018, quickly becoming one of the most talked-about people in the entire world. With singles including "I Like It," "Bodak Yellow," Bartier Cardi," and others, she's developed a devoted fanbase that looks for anything Bardi-related. Yesterday, her latest single "Money" was leaked before officially being released on streaming platforms for the world to hear. On the cover art, she's rocking some gold gloves that are covered in watches, which is one of the only articles of clothing she's actually rocking. Those same gloves, though, were once ridiculed by Rihanna as she spoke with Vogue earlier this year.

In August, British Vogue did a feature with RiRi and she gave her take on the boujee gloves. It was clear that she was not feeling them in the least bit. "I can't... This is the most ghetto shit I've ever seen in my life," said the Bajan singer as she held them in her hands. The accessory is covered in gold watches, allowing anybody wearing them full flexibility to flaunt their excessive wealth. Designed by Christian Cowan, the gloves were not a big hit with Rihanna but clearly, Cardi was messing with them.

"Money" was released yesterday, complete with the "ghetto" style choices on the cover. What did you think of her newest single?