It was a huge weekend for Childish Gambino. He concluded weekend one of Coachella 2019 where he served as a headliner for the opening night. Following his set, his long-awaited film, Guava Island starring Rihannadebuted on YouTube's Coachella stream as well as Amazon Prime. The film was met with positive reception from fans and critics alike, proving to be another successful artistic endeavor for Gambino. Now, Rihanna's taken to Instagram to thank the Atlanta rapper, as well as her fans, for supporting the film.

Caroline McCredie/Getty Images

If you haven't seen Guava Island, you should definitely check it out when you have the chance. Rihanna shared a clip from the film of Childish Gambino's character singing to her on a beach and penned a heartfelt thank you to everyone who watched it as well as Gambino and the film's staff for welcoming her with open arms.

"wow! the response to #GuavaIsland has been quite overwhelming," she wrote. "So happy you guys felt the beauty in this film! @childishgambino you are a true gem to the culture. I’m so proud of you and the work you put into making this film. I felt how close this was to you and your entire team! Thank you for trusting me with this role! It was the greatest experience being in Cuba, phones off, present with life and art! It was humbling! I loved watching every second of it!"

Peep her post below.