Rihanna has proven herself to be a massive fan of LeBron James and wherever he's playing, Rihanna typically follows suit. Now that LeBron is a Laker, Rihanna has been seen courtside at numerous games in Los Angeles and even got to be a virtual fan during the NBA Finals. Needless to say, the artist sure does love her basketball and the Lakers have given her plenty to root for this season.

Last night was the Lakers' shining moment as they came through and won the NBA title in Orlando after a six-game series against the Miami Heat. Fans took to social media to celebrate the massive win, including Rihanna who could be seen tailgating throughout the entire evening. In an Instagram post following the win, Rihanna and her friend were shouting the lyrics to "We Are The Champions" by the classic rock group Queen.

Rihanna wasn't the only Lakers fan who had a reason to gloat. Dr. Dre was seen taunting Rick Ross as his Lakers triumphed over Ross' Heat. Throughout the Finals, Ross was confident the Heat would come through and win the series, but in the end, he was proven to be wrong.

Going into next season, the Lakers will be looking to repeat as champions, which if LeBron continues to play at this level, isn't far-fetched.