Rihanna's been driving her fans just a little crazy when it comes to the lack of new music. It feels like forever-ago that the "Work" singer delivered a single. We're not talking features or collaborative tracks with Rihanna, but a full-fledged project by the singer for the RihNavy to really dive into. Not too long ago it was reported that Rih's new tape is complete and now we have proof-- shout out this lucky baby.

Rihanna's right-hand woman, Jennifer Rosales-- who also works as Fenty Corp.'s Project Manager-- took her young son to the studio to get a first listen of Rihanna's upcoming album. We're going to assume that his facial expression says it all: "Gah damn Rihanna, that's what you got for the fans, they're going to love it!!"

We can't say for sure if that's what the baby is thinking, but we think it's a safe bet.  

The only other person we know who has had the privilege of listening to Rihanna's tape is her vocal producer Kuk Harrell. A while back he jumped on Instagram Live and Fenty fans took their chance to ask how the tape was coming along. "R9 is great. R9 is amazing. It's incredible, And that's all I'm going to say," he said. 

We can't wait to hear it ourselves.