Social media bares a line between informative and insanity. Though news comes to us at a rapid pace, it's frequent that false information circulates just as quickly, if not faster. Unfortunately, that was the case when #RIPEminem started trending on Twitter out of the blue. While fans were rightfully in a panic, it turned out to be a false alarm sparked by a single tweet, XXL Reports. The tweet in question was from @levicumsock who allegedly wrote, "I have killed Eminem." 

Of course, that immediately brought fear and anxiety for fans of the rapper. Some were furious that someone would even attempt to crack this joke while others simply met the hashtag with humor. "#ripeminem dont yall dare do a hashtag like this ever again. made my damn heart drop," one user dropped. Anthony Fantano, for example, shared a photoshop job of himself on Facetime with Ellen Degeneres to debunk the rumors of the rap legend's death. "#ripeminem Eminem Alive We Are FaceTiming," he tweeted.

One tweet, however, summed up just how fragile everyone is this year, especially after the passing of Kobe Bryant, Pop Smoke, and many others. "NAH PAUSE #ripeminem STOP YALL PICKING THE WRONG YEAR TO DO THIS FOOLERY LIKE THE UNIVERSE WONT GO “your wish is my command” & BOOM HE GONE. out here jinxing shit," they wrote.

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