RJ Barrett won't be meeting with any teams other than the New York Knicks ahead of the June 20 NBA Draft.

The former Duke Blue Devils star worked out for the Knicks on Monday, and told reporters that he's hoping he'll be selected third overall - as many expect he will be.

“I won’t be meeting with any other team. It’s this and then the draft,” said Barrett. “If that ends up and I’m still there at three, then sure I’d love for them to take me.

“Sure, this is the place I want to be. I hope they draft me.”

“I feel like I love it. I’d embrace it. I’d embrace New York. I’d give it my all. Really, that’s all I can say: I’d give it everything I have,” said Barrett, adding of playing in the Garden. “It’s great. I love playing in the Garden. My dad used to tell me stories about playing here. So to see that crowd, it’s crazy.”

The 6'7 lefty, who averaged 22.6 points, 7.6 rebounds and 4.3 assists in his freshman season, has ties to NY and still has family that live in the Brooklyn area.

“It feels great. Just growing up coming here every summer, I feel like I know the place well enough I guess to call it home. I’ve got family here. It’s great,” Barrett said, per the NY Post. “My grandparents are still in Brooklyn. I’ve got cousins, uncles, everywhere. They’re all around Brooklyn.

“It’s funny, I remember playing at one tournament, played at Rumble in The Bronx, and then other than that it was just going to outdoor courts and just playing. Courts in Brooklyn, I don’t remember which ones, but I remember it was a lot of fun. I was the young guy and they tried to push me around. It was a great experience.”

Barrett's Duke teammate Zion Williamson is slated to go first overall to the New Orleans Pelicans, while the Memphis Grizzlies appear to be locked in on Murray State point guard Ja Morant. Assuming the Knicks don't trade the third pick as part of a blockbuster package for Anthony Davis, Barrett will get his wish to play in NYC.