Rob Gronkowski has won three Super Bowls and he is only 29. Despite his young age, there has been speculation that he'll actually want to retire now that the season has come to an end. He's faced a ton of injuries throughout his career and at his size, he risks picking up even more injuries. Regardless, it seems as though Gronk is taking full advantage of his offseason as he took to waters of Mexico this past weekend with his girlfriend Camille Kostek, as well as friends Eric Decker and his wife Jessie James Decker.

In this video courtesy of TMZ, Gronk can be seen partying up with Camille as she twerks on the side of a boat, all while Gronk makes sure to cop a feel. With all of the talk about twerk wind going around right now, we just hope Gronk stayed safe out there. You can really never be too careful.

Gronk and the gang we're than photographed on the beach in Cabo playing some volleyball. 

The Patriots tight end hasn't given his team an official word yet on whether or not he's going to retire, although this latest vacation is probably being used as an opportunity to clear his head and think things over a bit.

No matter what Gronk decides, he's already had one legendary career.