James Harden is currently in a bind right now as it's clear that he no longer wants to be a member of the Houston Rockets. He has reportedly requested a trade from the team although, for the time being, he is committed to being a good teammate and staying the course while his team looks for an appropriate deal. So far, Harden has four teams on his wishlist, including the Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, and Milwaukee Bucks.

According to reporter Yaron Weitzman, the Rockets have had talks with the Sixers specifically and for now, they are asking for the world...and then some. In the tweet below, Weitzman outlines the Rockets' asking price, which includes Ben Simmons and three first-round picks. Needless to say, not a cheap price whatsoever.

The Sixers have no plans on giving up Simmons anytime soon, so it looks like the Rockets will have to either move on to a different team or change their asking price entirely. It was reported that the Heat are willing to give up young stars like Tyler Herro in order to bring Westbrook to Miami, which would certainly be an interesting proposition, although there is no indication that this is really going to happen.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation, as we will be sure to bring you all of the latest information.

James Harden

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images