The hip hop community is still debating whether or not Troy Ave took it too far by dissing the late Capital STEEZ on his diss record against Joey Bada$$. While Joey hasn’t responded on record, a few people in the hip hop community have taken the time to speak out against the line in a more serious manner. Royce Da 5’9” did just that at Complex today.

In a sit down interview, Royce Da 5’9” explains that there are lines that should not be crossed in every aspect of life, even if you’re beefing with someone. “What did these guys really do to each other, to warrant you thinking that it’s okay for you to say that? Troy Ave, if you’re listening you owe Capital STEEZ’s family an apology.”

The Detroit rapper went further, drawing his own personal experience with suicide to reinforce the idea that it simply isn’t something that should be used to put someone down. Especially someone who has already passed. And Royce is absolutely someone who’s familiar with making offensive statements in his rhymes, especially in his “Bad Meets Evil” series with Eminem.

“Why can’t he just rap and say what he has to say about Joey Bada$$? There’s nothing gangsta about that and I don’t support it,” Royce concludes. Check out the whole thing down bottom.