Rudy Gobert was the leading trend on social media yesterday as it was revealed that he tested positive for the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. This news came as a huge shock to the NBA community although based on a recent report about his actions, it doesn't seem completely far-fetched. In the aftermath of this news, the NBA decided to completely suspend their season until further notice.

Social media hysteria was in full effect as many blamed Gobert for the spread of the virus. There was very little attention paid to how he is feeling right now although a fellow French national, Evan Fournier, made sure to take to Twitter where he gave everyone an update on his friend. As it turns out, Gobert is feeling fine and is already on the mend.

Fournier told his followers not to panic although that is easier said than done at the moment. This virus has numerous people scared for their well-being and now that is has become a pandemic, the hysteria has become heightened. Regardless, there are many ways in which one can avoid the virus so for the time being, just be safe out there and wash your hands.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story as we will be sure to bring them to you.