While rappers are often criticized for delaying projects, it is not often that we get a rapper pushing up an album's release, although it is sure to please fans. J. Cole, who is putting the finishing touches on his sophomore album, Born Sinner, may give fans what they want to hear earlier than expected: rumor is he's pushed up his album release date to June 18th.

The date of June 18th may sound familiar, because recently Kanye West cryptically tweeted it, with the presumption that we'd be getting new music from 'Ye on said day. Whether it's an entire album or a single, remains to be seen. The Cole World rapper would like to give Kanye some competition, which is why he wants Born Sinner to drop a week earlier than his original date of June 25th, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A close source to the rapper told THR, "J. has been working nonstop to put out his album a week earlier—living in the studio, bringing in full orchestras and a choir."

No confirmation has come from the rapper's camp, so for now, take this with a grain of salt.