More baby news-slash-rumors come in today. After first hearing that Kim Kardashian plans to take her child on tour with Kanye West, there's now reports that 'Ye's fellow Watch The Throne rapper is expecting another child with Beyonce.

Beyonce only gave birth to Blue Ivy this past January, but in a recent interview she spoke on her desire to have siblings for Blue Ivy, although mentioned no time-frame for when the siblings might arrive. Soon after the interview aired though, rumors began to circulate that Bey was pregnant again.

The rumors were given even more life when Beyonce wore a custom Givenchy dress at the Met Gala which worked well at hiding her stomach (see the photo above). Bey added fuel to the fire when she recently cancelled a show in Belgium due to "dehydration and exhausation."

Now, E!News confirms from multiple sources that Queen Bey is indeed pregnant with her second child. Hov and Bey have neither confirmed nor denied these reports, so we'll keep you posted.

[Update: Beyonce Criticizes Rumors, Doesn't Deny Them]

Yesterday many publications claimed to "confirm" Beyonce's rumored pregnancy. The R&B singer was not pleased with the media's obsession with her personal life, and took to instagram to respond to it.

Bey posted an image to her instagram account Friday night which read “I can’t stop the rumors from starting, and I can’t really change peoples minds who believe them, all I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me."

The star later deleted said post, but that same night left fans confused when two baby carriages were rolled onstage at her show in Zurich, Switzerland.

One concert goer tweeted the following during her performance of "Grown Woman".

“Two prams on the stage!” He added, “Two dancers wheeled them on and wheeled them off.”

It seems that the stunt could be another means to mock the rumors surrounding the singers pregnancy, though Bey has yet to outright deny the claims.

View the instagram photo in the gallery above.