Kevin Durant has officially announced that he'll be playing for the Golden State Warriors next season but there are still some chips that need to fall in NBA free agency, including former NBA Finals MVP, Dwyane Wade.

Wade is allegedly seeking a deal worth $20 million per year, but that hasn't stopped teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers from pursuing him in hopes that the lure of another ring would be enough to overcome their limited cap space.

We know Wade has been vacationing with LeBron and Chris Paul off the coast of Spain this Summer but new rumors suggest that he has recently been jet setting with Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert. 

The rumors first started when a member of the Cavs media said LeBron, Wade and Gilbert were on a jet to Cleveland yesterday afternoon, which was followed up by another tweet from this luxury jet group.

#BasketballTwitter has been running wild with this information, even attempting to track the flight from Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland but we'll just have to wait and see what happens. 

Although, Jason Carr, the son of former Cavaliers' player, Austin Carr, has claimed that Wade to Cleveland is already a "done deal." Take this with a grain of salt but he's the same guy who called the Kevin Love x Andrew Wiggins trade a few days before any other outlets had reported on it.

As David A. Aldridge has also reported, Wade's meeting with the Milwaukee Bucks is still on for Wednesday so we shouldn't expect any decision before then. Good luck with that though, Milwaukee.