Russ remains a divisive artist, but a successful one nonetheless. The Atlanta-based rapper recently earned a double platinum certification for "Losin Control," a single he first released on SoundCloud in 2015. At the same time, his singles "Me You" and "Do It Yourself" each went gold. Those achievements can be added to his platinum certification for What They Want and his gold certification for debut album There's Really A Wolf

The rapper has received his plaque for "Losin Control," which he held proudly as he leaned against hiscovertible in a new photo posted to Instagram. "Losin Control. 2x Platinum. Shoutout to the fans," he said, before quoting himself. "'You either love to see me shine or you don’t, no kinda sorta.' Best fanbase in the world. All this shit belongs to y’all."

As he said in a recent tweet, the three singles that were certified were all "produced mixed mastered engineered written," by Russ himself.

Russ shared the self-produced track "Some Time" at the end of January. Prior to that, he collaborated with Scott Storch on "Alone." Within the last few months, he has also shared "Lean On You" and "Flip."

In other Russ news, the Atlanta rapper was recently asked about 2 Chainz' placement below his own name in the Governor's Ball lineup, a choice many rap fans found strange. "I mean, 2 Chainz is a legend, you know what I'm saying? He should get the credit, you feel me?" he said. "It's a weird thing with the festivals, bro. It's politics. I don't know how much weight people should put on this."