Russ Loves In Stop Motion In "Cherry Hill" Video

Matthew Parizot
May 14, 2018 16:11

Russ delivers some animated visuals for "Cherry Hill."

One of Russ' main selling points is that he controls every aspect of his music himself, from the vocals, to the production, to the lyrics. While he likely didn't animate his new video for "Cherry Hill" himself, it's filled with his DIY aesthetic, and it was supposedly made in the same basement that Russ recorded the song in.

The video, which is shot primarily in stop motion animation, shows puppet Russ falling in love with a girl, only for their love to destroy each other, which plays out with the two of them literally jumping off a cliff. The video transitions between stop motion and painted animation, and is a definite treat to watch.

Check out the video for "Cherry Hill" off RussThere's Really A Wolf.

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