Russ continues to reap the spoils of a winning streak, fuelled largely off the strength of his own vision. A chief propagator of the independent lifestyle, Russ has undergone a notable "rebrand" of sorts, wresting control of his own narrative back from those who would seek to do him harm. And rest assured, Russ would be the first to tell you, he's got no qualms with how everything went down. After all, his bucket list is beginning to look more crossed-off than not. Case in point, his latest flex, which arrives following the reveal of Snoop Dogg's I Wanna Thank Me tracklist.

Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Citing "Take Me Away," featuring himself and Wiz Khalifa, Russ took to Instagram to Marvel at his good fortune. "Life is crazy," he writes. "I produced a song with me Snoop and Wiz on it for Snoop's new album. This is nuts lol." A relatable final statement, capping off an accomplishment Russ has every right to be proud of. Snoop is by far one of the greatest to ever do it, and it's interesting to see Russ' list of collaborators move to include such legends.

Not bad for one once deemed the most hated. Respect to Russ for this one, and look for their work to manifest this Friday, August 16th.