The least you can say is this: Russ is a rapper that speaks his mind.

In a quote from a recent interview, Russ proclaimed that "blogs don't matter" for artists who are trying to make it on their own. The context being that, five years ago, he spent tons of time sending out emails to different music blogs, trying to get them to feature his music, but to no avail. That, according to him, was 2012.

Five years later, he has definitely made out just fine. His new album There's Really a Wolf has brought him success and respect in the rap game, but many social media users lashed out in protest to his comment that the type of sites he's mentioning don't matter. Russ responded on Twitter this afternoon with several videos describing exactly how he feels. Actually, it's more like putting the haters in their places. Watch them below.

When some complainants persisted, Russ decided to keep calm.

There are definitely two sides to the story, with bloggers saying that his tone wasn't all right, but his current sales and tour numbers don't lie: in spite of whatever circumstances, Russ is now a force to be reckoned with.