Russ makes quality music much of the time. However, many of his detractors choose to look past that to focus solely on the things he's said that they don't agree with. Specifically, Russ has been critiqued heavily for comments he made about drug use a while ago. Wearing a t-shirt frowning on the glorification of addiction during a show and speaking about it afterward, many of his critics went in on the rapper for neglecting to comment on the severity of addiction as a disease. As public enemy number 1, Russ has experienced a severe influx in the amount of hate he receives and he's commented on the recent rise of the "Fuck Russ" movement, backed by names like Lil Pump and Comethazine.

While he regularly chooses to ignore the negative messages being sent to him on social media, Russ caved when somebody wished for XXXTentacion to be brought back to life so Russ can be sacrificed instead. While it was likely intended as a joke, wishing death upon somebody is inappropriate on so many levels and the rapper responded, "All that wishing death shit for retweets doesn't go over well with the universe. Enjoy your karma."

The post has since been deleted but Russ later shouted out Lil B, who's fans are some of the biggest trolls in the world. As trolls, they're quite familiar with the "Fuck Russ" movement making its way around Twitter, to which he commented, "It’s funny how your fanbase is the 'fuck russ' fanclub but don’t know how you been hittin me up and we’ve had numerous good convos. Internet so dumb lol shoutout Lil B."

Russ is not letting the negativity sway him mentally as he continues to work on his craft, hoping to inspire a shift in his hater's mentalities.