Russell Simmons has made headlines recently for claims of sexual misconduct and abuse, as the entrepreneur allegedly raped multiple women in the past. As society takes a stance on the long gestating problems plaguing workplaces in a variety of sectors, Hollywood has been particularly harsh to those who have been accused or found guilty of sexual offences. 

Simmons is no different, as the fallout of these accusations have tarnished his reputation, resulting in the him stepping down from his post at Def Jam Records, all while also getting nixed from HBO's All Def Comedy.

Now Simmons can add Oprah Winfrey to the list of employers and collaborators who are distancing themselves from him. The New York Times reports that Simmons has been effectively removed from Winfrey's upcoming book The Wisdom of Sundays. The book, which was first published last October, features snippets of interviews between Winfrey and guests on the OWN program Super Soul Sundays, and in it, Simmons reveals how meditation has changed his life. 

The latest edition of the paperback that will be hitting bookshelves next month will now omit the Simmons passage in solidarity with overcoming sexual harassment. 

The Times reports that the decision was made during an interview with a Flatiron spokesperson, who was able to convince the publisher and Winfrey to excise the Simmons bit. 

However, this isn't the first publication that effectively banished Simmons from its pages; Shark Tank judge Daymond John also removed contributions from the Def Jam cofounder from his motivational book Rise and Grind