Once upon a time, media mogul Russell Simmons was good friends with Donald Trump. The pair attended events together, posed for photos, went to parties, and all around did the rich things that wealthy people enjoy doing with their wealthy friends. However, over the years Simmons has grown distant from President Trump, and in a recent, lengthy Instagram post, the Def Jam co-founder even mentioned that before he met Melania, Simmons hooked Trump up with a black woman. He opened the message by recalling times when Trump said things that he believed were insensitive.

"I never cared about his politics Except on occasion where i had a chance to share mine," Simmons wrote. "I took him to the mosque when he spoke poorly about Muslims, brought rabbis to his office when he made anti Semitic statements, and 'reminded him' when he made unconscious remarks or made any hateful statements."

"He was my friend because he was nice to me ,my family ..he was 'fun' he gave to my charities and he wasn’t in power," Simmons continued. "When he announced ..i was among the first of his friends to speak publicly, i cared about this country more then any friendship. Yes i remember this picture .. and i remember Melania ... i introduced him to his african american girlfriend who he dated directly before his first date with Melania (i tagged along for that ) all of that said ...I immediately disconnected with him publicly when he announced his candidacy i was on cnn i remember my words 'I would rather any of his reality star competition became president' i haven’t spoken to him since the day after i said that."

Simmons ended his message with bits of anti-Trump rhetoric and a call for people to unite. Many of his followers responded by asking Simmons if he was aware of any warning signs, including Trump denouncing the Central Part Five. Others noted that the Trump that many celebrities may have known on a personal level years and years ago isn't the President that has taken office.