Russell Simmons has been continuing his meditation practice amid the numerous sexual assault allegations that have been pinned on his name. We just posted last week that Jenna Jarosik dropped her $5 million lawsuit against the Def Jam founder and it seems that this one move has left Russell hopeful. 

"The reason I haven’t been too angry about my personal situation is because listening intently to the dialogue around the#metoo movement has inspired me to look beyond my personal scenario," he writes on Instagram. "In the end I’ll be fine. I’ve accepted responsibility for the life that I have lived and been very forcefully and vehemently denying accusations for things that I have not done. A little blood on my shoulders so that my daughters see a better world is worth it."

The 60-year-old has been accused of sexual assault by several women including publicist Kelly Cutrone, actress Jenny LumetReal Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps and a 17-year-old model.

Russell has continued to deny allegations. "I don't have a stitch of violence in me. I would never hurt anybody. I have never had any violence in me, but this is a difficult time for everyone," he previously stated