In the wake of Nipsey Hussle's death, the independent rapper and community builder is being remembered throughout the world for both his talents and activism. Nipsey was an inspiration to young people, and while he may no longer be with us, many are hoping that his #TheMarathonContinues movement will help adolescents seek to make better decisions for themselves and their futures.

As the summer heats up, kids find themselves out of school and many are without constructive resources that will occupy their time. Hip hop icon Russell Simmons hopes that people, both young and old alike, will do their part in creating a peaceful, violence-free summer with Nipsey in mind. "Are we prepared to sit back this summer and watch more than 50 of our kids get shot and killed every weekend in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Detroit, Miami, or in St. Louis?" Simmons asked in an op-ed piece. "Because if we don’t act urgently now, that’s what is gonna happen!"

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

"Let me be clear: All those who have the capacity and opportunity to do their part to end the senseless spiral of violence but do nothing by their omission are aligned with the forces that are against our communities’ safety, resilience and progress," he stated. "Complacency with violence directly contributes to its devastating continuance."

Simmons also called for the public to become more involved with petitioning their elected officials to see change occur in the political arena. "No matter how big or small your impact might be, everyone’s input and support is needed now," he said. "Even if you only will just write to your member of the U.S. Congress to urge more funding for community antiviolence programs, that will also be helpful."