With the NBA season on a hiatus, players around the league have been able to spend a lot more time with their families. During the season, players typically don't get to be around their children as often, so the extra family time has certainly been appreciated by both the players and their respective loved ones.

Today, Russell Westbrook of the Houston Rockets let his love shine through as he celebrated the third birthday of his son Noah. Westbrook took to Instagram with a sweet caption about his son and even posted some fond memories of the two together on various family outings. Clearly, Westbrook is excited to be home with his son during this joyous moment.

"Noah, I love you more than life itself and everyday It brings me so much joy to see that beautiful smile and to know you are my son," Westbrook said. "Thank you God for this unbelievable blessing. HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY MANMAN!!!!!!! Daddy loves you forever and ever and ever and ever."

As for the return of the NBA season, it is still to be determined as to when that will happen. Some seem confident that the league will return this summer, while others think it could be too soon.