Russell Westbrook is renowned for his interest in putting together cutesy outfits. When the camera turns to him in the wind tunnel, he rarely ever makes eye contact. It's a trick he picked up from Derek Zoolander.

Once in the dressing room, he often laments tearing down his outfit; even on the rare occasions where the Oklahoma City Thunder have chosen to wear their alternate jerseys. That's why Russell never passes up the opportunity to feature in European fashion editorials, like Homme Berlin no 9, his latest conquest.

This morning, Westbrook proudly posted the photo negatives from the shoot on Instagram for all his friends to see, many of whom laughed "with him" for the very last time. Even his teammate Paul George, who's defended him in the past, could hardly believe his eyes when he checked his Twitter feed in the morning. Russ' strong desire to stick out, is inherently a byproduct of his passion for fashion.

The former NBA MVP has graced the cover of GQ, Complex, and French magazine L’Officiel Homme, not to mention a few zine prints only available in exotic markets. See for yourself: