For many basketball fans growing up, their dream was to meet Michael Jordan as he is easily the greatest basketball player of all time. Getting an autograph or photo with Michael was like the holy grail of basketball. For many kids who were playing the sport and got to attend his camps, this was especially true.

Back when Russell Westbrook was just 10 years old, he was attending one of MJ's camps and was gearing up for the final day when MJ was supposed to arrive and sign something for all of the kids. While talking to Jimmy Fallon, Westbrook revealed that his parents gave him a basketball to sign although he completely squandered his opportunity. As he explains, he was playing a game of pickup when his coach came over to tell him it was time to get in line to get his ball signed. Instead of listening, Westbrook decided that he was fine with not getting an autograph and continued to play.

When he got home, his parents asked him if he got his ball signed and all he could do was hang his head in embarrassment. Luckily for Westbrook, he eventually did get to meet MJ and even got his own signature sneaker line with Jordan Brand. Needless to say, things ended up working out for the Houston Rockets superstar.