Russell Wilson and Ciara have been married for a while now and since their union in 2016, they have been raising a family and having children of their own. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback has arguably been his wife's biggest fan and continues to big her up whenever he gets the chance. While some have found his social media presence to be cringy at times, others appreciate just how authentic he comes across, especially when it involves matters that pertain to Ciara.

On Sunday, Ciara celebrated her 35th birthday. Any birthday is a milestone and today, Wilson decided to take to social media where he wished his wife a happy birthday. In fact, the IG post below was quite lengthy, with Wilson describing in detail just how much he loves his wife and what she's meant to him.

"My Queen. You are everything a man, husband, lover, friend, dad, a family, and our kids could ever ask for! You are Heaven sent," Wilson wrote. "You have changed my life for the better. You, my Queen, are the most loving mother to our beautiful 3 babies. I am grateful for how you always love. Jesus has anointed you from the crown of your head to the souls of your feet. You have changed generations with your music, your dance, business, & your influence as a woman around the world. However, despite all of that... the best thing about you is how you always make our family laugh and smile from ear to ear. We love how you wrap your arms around us. We love you forever. Daddy loves you. ❤️ Happy Birthday Babylove!"

Aside from the IG post, we're sure Wilson had plenty of gifts for Ciara, as he looks to face the Arizona Cardinals tonight at 8:30 PM EST.