Soccer fans across the globe are some of the most passionate of any sport. It's not uncommon to see a stadium full of fans brandishing their team's colors, singing their team's fight songs in unison, or lighting off fireworks in the upper deck. 

Like anything else, when you add alcohol into the mix things get kicked up a notch. And that goes double when it's the World Cup.

At this year's World Cup in Russia, fans will not only be permitted to drink to their heart's content at the various stadiums, but they will also be allowed to bring weed, cocaine and even heroine into the stadiums. According to reports, certain narcotics, including the aforementioned, will be legal provided you have proper prescription papers.

Via Newsweek:

"The Moscow-based Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), a joint economic trade bloc of countries including Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia, allows for certain banned narcotic and psychotropic drugs to be brought into the country with supporting medical documentation. The Russian-led union of nations gives foreign travelers the right to carry drugs including cannabis and cocaine with the proper prescription papers."

"The full list of substances allowed into Russia as it hosts the World Cup events between June 14 to July 15 will allow for cocaine, codeine, morphine, amphetamines and cannabis."

In other words, if you can get the drugs into Russia FIFA rules permit you to bring them into the stadium provided you can produce a prescription. However, according to Sports Illustrated, FIFA’s stadium regulations instruct stewards to remove fans who “present a risk due to consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.”

The 2018 World Cup is scheduled to get underway on June 14th and will conclude on July 15th.