People have been finding weed in increasingly surprising places, so an old nuclear bunker isn’t really all that shocking in the grand scheme of things. Police in Wiltshire County, England made a raid on an old nuclear bunker a couple nights ago and discovered a $1.2 million grow operation housing “several thousand” cannabis plants.

The grow operation sounds strikingly similar to the fictional one from Pineapple Express, which had a huge grow operation located in an old World War II bunker. A length post from the police stated they had to wait outside and arrest people as they were leaving the building in order to get in because “the bunker was almost completely impenetrable.”

The bunker was originally built by the Ministry of Defense, but the police were quick to point out its no longer owned by the government. Six people were arrested as part of the raid. They’re still tallying up exactly how much weed was located in the multi-floor grow operation.

While the intentions of the police in making the post was probably to get accolades from their community, most of the responses sarcastically mocked the Wilshire Police Department for the ineffective war on drugs or asked where they plants were being “disposed of.”