From Ali G to Borat to Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen has come up with some pretty insane characters over the years. These characters are meant to dupe you into thinking they are completely real, and he has a long list of victims. Cohen typically does these bits for political reasons, and he has successfully made far right-wingers look foolish, on numerous occasions.

This past weekend, that's exactly what Cohen did as he went to a right-wing militia rally in Olympia, Washington. In the clip below, Cohen gets up on stage dressed as a bluegrass singer and begins belting out a pretty obscene song. At one point, Cohen says that we should inject Barack Obama with the "Wuhan Flu" and even has some disparaging words for those in Saudi Arabia. Oddly enough, there were plenty of people cheering on and singing along to the track.

Eventually, Cohen was told to leave the stage as one city councilman was appalled by the display. Of course, Cohen doesn't actually hold these beliefs. Instead, he is trying to expose those who hold racist beliefs throughout the United States.

It remains to be seen whether or not this bit was a part of an upcoming show, although we'll surely know soon enough.