Sada Baby Details His Best Smoke Session With Chief Keef While On House Arrest

Alex Zidel
November 07, 2019 12:00

Sada Baby speaks on his dream smoke sesh, the best munchies, and more on "How To Roll."

Detroit rapper Sada Baby is going hard right now. After the release of Bartier Bounty this year, the rising star has just kept on turning heads around the country. He's been referred to by many, including Danny Brown, as the best rapper in his city right now and, to be completely honest, those folks may not be wrong. Currently on the come up, Sada Baby stopped by the office recently to participate in our How To Roll series, detailing his love of weed and providing some playful commentary on when he got started, his most successful smoke session and whether or not he fucks with dabs or edibles.

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When it comes to rolling a backwood, Sada Baby needs it to be "girthy." He doesn't necessarily weigh out how much bud he's rolling up but he always makes sure the wood is filled up. Skuba Steve told us all about his biggest smoke session, which was probably just a regular studio day. However, his favorite experience involving weed involves Chief Keef and the Glo Gang. 

The Detroit native holds Chief Keef in extremely high regard, referring to the general as his favorite rapper. When he got a call from the drill sergeant, he just had to smoke one with the star. At the time, he was on house arrest and couldn't really head out. In fact, he wasn't supposed to be smoking but we won't tell if you don't. "He pulled up on me in West Hollywood and I couldn't leave, you feel me. I had the ankle box on," says Sada Baby. Chief Keef came through with two Maybachs, bringing his crew with him before smoking a couple of backwoods together and cracking tons of jokes. 

Watch the latest episode of How To Roll above to find out when Sada Baby started smoking and who his dream smoke session would be.

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