When Safaree's put up to a challenge he doesn't back down and such was the case before he became $1,000 richer. The father-to-be shared a video to Instagram that sees him jumping double dutch in the streets of New York, proving he knows how to jump rope. The whole event was a challenge from Yandy Smith, who clearly had no idea Safaree knew what he was doing when she put $1K on the block.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

In the clip, you can see Safaree plan his jump and actually getting a few skips in before the short-lived moment comes to an end. "So @yandysmith bet me $1,000 I couldn’t jump double Dutch... guess who left a stack richer 😇😇😇 don’t judge me I grew up with all women 😩😂😩 I have a lot of hidden talents 😂," he captioned the video. 

Yandy responded to the clip congratulating Safaree on his successful efforts and said the money would be donated to charity. "You did good man. I lost the bet. But good thing it’s going to a good cause. @imsojonathan lol nephew’s fund so he can walk," she wrote. 

In other Safaree news, he gifted his wife Erica Mena a $42K necklace to inspire her jewelry line.