2018 has been an interesting year for Safaree Samuels. Of course, there was the now-infamous nudes leak, which found his junk broadcast across the internet, raking in more traffic than album releases from Drake, Kendrick, and Cole combined. Yeah, I don't know either; the public want what they want. More recently, the rapper found himself staring down the barrel of gun, after armed robbers ran $180k worth of jewelry and funds from the Love & Hip-Hop star. Luckily, they spared the fur. 

TMZ caught up with the rapper, as he was leaving Avianne & Co. jewelry shop in NYC. As it happens, he was merely window shopping, as Safaree has decided to make a crucial lifestyle change. "No jewels man, I ain't buy nothin," says Safaree, after being inquired about his shopping habits. "The IRS is watching, I ain't buying nothing."

As he's getting into his car, the cameraman ponders the question we've all been wondering - why didn't they take the coat? Safaree seems to answer with a brush-off, saying "what are they going to do with a fur coat?" To be fair, they would probably wear it. Or at the very least, return it to the forest whence it came.