In a rather Twitter-dramatic moment earlier today, Safaree Samuels declared that he was done with his entertainment career. The reality star rapper took to his Twitter account to break the news to the masses. "After the birth of my daughter I’ve decided I’m leaving the industry I hope I made the parasites happy. God bless✌🏾 STRAITT OUT," he wrote.

Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Anyone that has kept up with Safaree and his antics over the years should have known that a quick retraction was on its way because the Love & Hip Hop New York star couldn't shirk away from the limelight if he tried. He also recently released his album Straitt, so Safaree won't be bowing out that quickly. "It’s funny I can say anything and the parasites believe it," Safaree continued. "I ain’t going nowhere..... Go suckkkkk ya maddaaaaaaa." He also added, "I’m bout to go harder than ever b4... the biggest the hardest is coming."

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old rapper and his wife Erica Mena just welcomed their daughter into the world. While they have yet to reveal the newborn's name, they haven't hesitated to share photos of her first moments. "My daughter is sooooooooo beautiful OMGGGGGGG WOWWWWWWW," Safaree wrote. "These pass 24 hours have been an adventure... ‼️‼️‼️" 

Check out Safaree and his first-born below.