Safaree Samuels is a rapper who is no stranger to drama. From a beef with now-incarcerated artist Meek Mill to his ongoing involvement with Nicki Minaj's career, Safaree has never been shy about speaking his mind and, oftentimes, stirring the pot in the process. However, he's now channeling that attitude into his comment responses on social media when it comes to his followers too.

Samuels was included in a picture posted to the official Instagram account of Sky, of Black Ink Crew fame. "Pulled Up on Bro Lastnight," she captioned the image, which led to a whole bunch of reaction from the Insta faithful on how great they looked together. You can check out the entire post below.

That being said, not everyone was impressed. One fan came through with a scathing bit of commentary, saying: "This n**** is a f**king clown bro dead ass stop giving this n**** hype." Of course, Safaree wasn't going to just let that diss lie there unattended, retorting: "stop hating ugly bitch and like the picture." Guess that clap back machine is well-oiled where Samuels comes from. Check out screencaps of the comment and reply below.

From dropping a freestyle set of bars over Cardi B's "Bartier Cardi" beat to being a part of the latest New York edition of Love & Hip Hop, Safaree Samuels continues to get his in the entertainment industry. Perhaps another TV venture with Sky is in the mix? Only time will tell at this point.