Safaree Samuels is riding the publicity wave created by the unveiling of his skin pics. He joined the Breakfast Club this morning, to clear the air on the inconspicuous nature of the leaks and to perform his new "smash" single.

The Breakfast Club did the inevitable feeling out of the situation. A certain level of skepticism was met by playful innuendo, as Safaree seemed fully aware of his opportunity. They asked him if the penis picture was his own, or whether it was photo alteration. DJ Envy asked: 

"Is that really your meat. is that a pornstar and you put your head on it, pause?"

Safaree did confirm that it was indeed his penis in the picture. He went on to use euphemistic language for the remainder of the interview, maintaining his playful innocence. He claimed to have traced the leaked photo to a snapchat message, which in his defence would absolve him of staging this stunt. We must be quite susceptible.

Safaree closed the interview by performing his new song, along with the dance he hopes will catch on with record. Peep the whole interview below.