Could there be a new couple forming among Love and Hip Hop stars? According to The Real talk show host Amara La Negra, Safaree Samuels is taken by her friend JuJu. Safaree was in the news last week after his nude pictures were leaked, causing Twitter to erupt and setting thirst levels at an absolute high. Safaree was a member of the Love and Hip Hop cast last season, along with JuJu, Cam'ron's ex-girlfriend. Well, it appears that the two may have started a fling if Amara is to be believed.

Their relationship status was rumored for a while since cameras showed them creating a close bond on the reality show, but speculation of the two dating had not been confirmed. In defense of Safaree and JuJu, Amara looks as if she thought the news was already public, instantly backtracking after she realized that she had completely spilled the tea, saying, "Did I just? Oh... Well, they're really good friends." Right, Amara, right... You've got everyone convinced there!

The slip-up happened as the talk show hosts appeared to be talking about potential pairings. When Safaree's name was brought up, Amara chimed in by saying that Safaree was already taken by her friend, JuJu. Safaree's name has been discussed more than usual lately because of the nude photo scandal, and he looks to be taking advantage of his newfound infamy, releasing a single and making an appearance on The Breakfast Club. Check out the flub below.