Last night the right honourable Samuel L. Jackson appeared on Jimmy's Fallon's Tonight Show to promote his new movie Glass. Aside from describing his 70th birthday party, which was DJed by Questlove and at which he "hit it" and "tore it up for a minute" on the dance floor with Judge Judy, Samuel L. Jackson also took a moment to rate the top five characters he's ever played. At number five, he places Nick Fury which gets a drawn-out "yeeeeaaah" from the crowd; number four is a tie between all the characters he's played in Quentin Tarantino movies; number three gets the purple-lightsabred Mace Windu ("c'mon, he's a jedi!"); then is the "kinda wacky, private detective kinda dude, Mitch Hennessey" from The Long Kiss Goodnight. This is actually either four or six, it doesn't seem worth it to get too hung up on it.

Jackson showed up to the show dressed in what has become a sort of uniform or him recently (see his look at the premiere of Glass, above): cashmere hat, turtleneck, then a hoodie, then a suit, all of it in about the same colour. In other words, he looked like a little beyond-the-pale, or a little like a poet, so Fallon got him to poetry slam the news: