Sacha Baron Cohen rubs many people the wrong way. The audience usually enjoys the comedian's antics, but the people that are caught in his pranks are less than pleased. On July 4th, Cohen took to Twitter to post some old footage of Donald Trump insulting him. The short clip seemed to be tied around a new project, but details were scarce. Then, only a few days later, it was revealed that Cohen is working on a new Showtime series entitled Who is America? 

It appears as if Cohen will use his sneaky, and often times hilarious, tactics to gain interviews from politicians for the show. Sarah Palin, who served as the Alaskan governor until 2009, recently took to Facebook to vent about being tricked into an interview by Cohen. "Yup - we were duped. Ya’ got me, Sacha. Feel better now," she begins in her lengthy post. "I join a long list of American public personalities who have fallen victim to the evil, exploitive, sick 'humor' of the British 'comedian' Sacha Baron Cohen, enabled and sponsored by CBS/Showtime." She continued on to explain that Cohen, or one of his actors, disguised themselves as a disabled vet to gain the interview.

"For my interview, my daughter and I were asked to travel across the country where Cohen (I presume) had heavily disguised himself as a disabled US Veteran, fake wheelchair and all," she vented. "Out of respect for what I was led to believe would be a thoughtful discussion with someone who had served in uniform, I sat through a long "interview" full of Hollywoodism’s disrespect and sarcasm - but finally had enough and literally, physically removed my mic and walked out, much to Cohen’s chagrin. The disrespect of our US military and middle-class Americans via Cohen’s foreign commentaries under the guise of interview questions was perverse."