Saturday Night Live rarely misses a chance to highlight the calamity of the Trump administration, and their epic trolling continued on October 13. Kanye West recently visited the White House, which caused a massive falling out online. Somehow, Kanye keeps doing the same thing (supporting Trump), and the world acts shocked every time as if it's a new development. It's as if Kanye found a button that he knows will agitate everyone at once, and he keeps pushing it for his own entertainment. 

SNL decided to reenact West's White House visit, and it's one of the funniest skits the show has put together in recent memory. What makes the skit so hilarious, is the accuracy in which they portray Kanye. "I'm sure Kanye wants to make one or two brief lucid remarks," states Alec Baldwin's Trump. "First let me begin with the idea that time is a myth," starts Kanye actor Chris Redd. "I'm a prisoner in a different dimension, have I lost anyone so far?"

"The 13th amendment is a trap door," he continued, impersonating Kanye with ease. "Oh this guy might be cuckoo," thinks Trump as West continues to rant on. By the end of the skit, Trump surmises that West is the Black version of him.