Of all the token gestures I've come to witness in my days as a hip hop journalist, this one takes the cake. DJ Vlad just posted a clip of Sauce Walka shooting a music video, in which the rapper and his friend pull a horse by the collar and feed it codeine from a double cup. Of course documentation of this caliber is totally in line with DJ Vlad's brand, and Sauce Walka has shown himself to be completely unpredictable in terms of his behavior, his friends must be at least half as wacky, wacky enough to feed a horse lean to say the least. 

It's not as if the footage was retrieved by a field reporter gone uncover to report on animal cruelty, Walka published the video himself, as well as an image of him mounted on the hapless horse. Using the animal as a prop, Sauce Walka likened himself to a desperado with the catchphrase "Sauce Texas Ranger is yo bitch is in danger?" He then put on a Nunchaku exposition as the cameraman followed his every movement, explaining his archaic methodology with a mix of action/adventure tropes: "Sauce Norris will fuck one of u n****z off real quick."